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5 Best Ways to Beautify Your Home’s Periphery

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When you think of beautifying of your home, the focus is almost always on the home itself. While the interior and the exterior of your home are at the heart of any home improvement efforts, the same can’t be said of its periphery. The periphery of your home includes areas like the driveway, landscape, garden, patio, decks and even the fencing. As one drives or walks up to your home, it’s these areas that help make a first impression. Owning a home with a pleasing demeanour is nice; nicer still is that such a home can fetch a premium in the housing market.

Let’s start with the driveway. Because of the fact that it leads to your home, everybody is going to notice when you get a new driveway. There are two ways to go about it; you can either re-lay your existing driveway or install a completely new one. If you choose the latter, driveway paving can be done using materials like concrete, resin-bound stone, tarmac, gravel and paver blocks. There are advantages and disadvantages (consult local driveway specialists for more) to each but what’s for certain is that a new driveway freshens up the home’s periphery like nothing else.

The same can also be said about your home’s soft landscaping. Soft landscape refers to the living parts of your landscape like gardens, plants, flowers, trees, mulch and even the dirt. Hard landscaping, on the contrary, refers to the non-changeable parts of the landscape. Soft landscaping adds a touch of vibrancy to your home. What’s the best way to renovate your soft landscaping? You are free to do as you please. Just consult a good local garden design firm if you need help redoing the garden or backyard layout.

Decks and patios, when done right, boost your home’s visual appeal tremendously. That they increase your home’s value is an added bonus. Both decks and patios can be used to replicate a living room space outside of your home. This space can be used to entertain guests or even as a place where you can relax after a long day with lager in hand. There are umpteen patio and decking ideas (garden decking and backyard patios for e.g.) that you can choose from and they are not all that expensive either. Installing a cover for the deck or patio lets you move in some furniture too. Enjoying the outdoors but without quite going outdoors, that’s decks and patios for you!

The outermost element of your home’s periphery is the fencing. Moreover, there is nothing routine or uninspiring about fencing design and installation these days. It’s available in a variety of materials like wood, aluminium, PVC, wrought iron, vinyl, chain link, and bamboo, among others. Pick one that serves your purpose and preference the best. You can also choose to fence only a particular area of your home, à la garden fencing. Improving your home’s appearance on the outside can pay rich dividends, which is something you are sure to experience every time you drive or walk into your home.

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