Looking for the best Picseal products in Essex? Well, you’ve hit the jackpot!

Picseal Suppliers in Essex

Creative Paving has buddied up with PICS UK to provide Picseal products to all landscaping, driveway paving, and flooring companies in Essex.

If you didn’t already know, Creative Paving has more than twenty-two years of experience serving the area with domestic paving services. As a family-run business, we understand the importance of providing a high-quality service, using high-quality products.

As experts in paving, we offer professional resin-bound stone, block paving, and imprinted concrete services. Our knowledge and experience combined are what make us one of the best paving companies in the area.

As Creative Paving has been using Picseal products for many years now, it’s only natural that we would partner up with them to spread all of the goodness that they provide. From their speedy delivery times to their competitive price points, their paving sealers are going to give your clients the best, long-lasting finish for their properties.

Creative Paving is the sole supplying partner of Picseal in Essex. Providing delivery of the products to driveway and floor contractors and companies in all areas of Essex. You won’t find a partnership anywhere else!

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What is Picseal?

PICS UK has remained a constant within the decorative concrete industry. Whilst changing fashion and advances in technology and legislation have occurred, PICS UK has continued to provide for its clients. PICS UK offers a range of products that serves everyone from homeowners, installers, contractors, and more.

From the design phase to the installation, PICS UK offers a variety of products that are quality control tested and will stand the test of time. With industrial flooring, tarmac restoration, to block paving sealer - they have it all!

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What Picseal products do we supply?

There’s a wealth of Picseal products available to choose from that will cater to every project, no matter how big or small it may be. What stays consistent is PICS UK’s dedication to providing high-performance products that exude quality and premium looks when incorporated into any project.

The specialist nature of picseal products is for paving and flooring. Here are the offerings available through the company’s catalogue of products.

Picseal domestic block paving sealer

With Picseal Essex domestic block paving sealer, its two objectives are to enhance the appearance of the paving material’s beauty. Whatever type of material is used, its beauty is enhanced with this domestic block paving sealer. Not only that but more importantly, it extends the life of the block paving installations.

Great value for money and an investment that will benefit you in the long run.

PICS Permaseal commercial paving sealant

Permaseal commercial paving sealant is a water-based sealer that’s suitable for specific areas like supermarket car parks and pedestrian walkways. For those that have a heavy footfall, it provides even stronger binding than any jointing sand that’s used in block paving installations.

As a result, you get low maintenance perks, resist high winds and like the picseal block paving sealer, add to its natural appearance.

PICS paving washes and cleaners

PICS supplies its customers with a range of paving washes and cleaners to help keep the paving in good shape all year round. With Fungicidal Wash, it’s one of the best ways to help kill the fungal growth. Their Mossclean is also effective in killing moss and algae from paving.

They have some great cleaning solvents and thinners that are good for cleaning spillages, stripping small areas where required of sealer and colour washing. There’s a selection of great tools like their sprayer unit and funnel to make cleaning easier.

PICS driveway sealing tools

PICS UK makes it easy for their clients to get all that they need for paving jobs, in one place. With that said, you’ll find an assortment of tools readily available for purchase. From their block paving manhole covers for heavy-duty block paving to their industrial-style sprayer units that help make sealing paving a lot easier.

There’s even a special sealing broom and handle that will help work sealer into the joints that are a little harder to penetrate.

Order Picseal products anywhere in Essex with Creative Paving!

For picseal suppliers in Essex, you needn’t look any further. We can help get all of the products mentioned above to you with ease. Creative Paving is the experts you’re missing. We’re reliable, cover all areas in Essex and our deliveries are fast and efficient.

If you’re wanting to go the extra mile for your clients and provide them with paving that’s exceptional, then you’ll want to take a look at PICS UK products in Essex today. Give us a call, we’re more than happy to help!

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