Gravel driveway design & installation

As well as providing an alternative that is cost-effective to block paving, gravel driveways also offer the best option where large areas of driveways are required. For modern homes, country cottages and stately homes driveway’s gravel is the one of the best material choice as it offers a classic look and is durable.

Our Gravel Driveway Services Include:

  • Laying & installation
  • Gravel driveway edging
  • Design & planning
  • Grid system
  • Coloured gravel driveways

Traditional materials such as macadam, flags and paving can be rolled to provide a firm self-compacted surface-- self-binding gravel driveway. It binds under the weight of foot and vehicles.

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Gravel driveway Cost

Gravel driveways are a very cost effective driveway material as compared to other materials such as asphalt, concrete or even bricks.

The size of the driveway is, of course, the main determinant if the total cost to be incurred. The longer the driveways span, the higher the cost. The material making the gravel and the slope of the driveway also have an impact on the cost.

Gravel Driveway Colours

We offer a wide range of colours for gravel driveways, we can recommended styles and colours that will match the look of the property, these colours include Black, Cheshire pink, Grey limestone, Cotswold Chippings, Golden, Green granite, Yorkshire cream and many more.

Gravel driveway grid system

When installing a gravel driveway, an ideal gravel driveway depth is 10mm for pathways. 20mm driveway gravel depth for normal driveways and at times gravel driveway depth of 15omm for the heavy vehicles. The system reinforces driveways stability and significantly prevents any movement of gravel which allows vehicular traffic.

Gravel driveway design is designed in such a way it conforms to Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS regulations), that is, the gravel driveway is built on a permeable sub-base such as a MOT Type 3 and drastically cures any existing drainage issues and thus improving the gravel driveway drainage. The gravel driveway drainage is completely permeable.


It can be very hard finding a great driveway company you can trust, we have many years’ experience in the trade and fantastic feedback from our customers, we follow industry standards to ensure the gravel driveway withstands strong weather conditions and is installed to last. All work also comes with a fully backed guarantee.

If you have any questions please fill out the contact form on our website or simply give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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