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How Long Does a Resin Bound Driveway Last

How Long Does a Resin Bound Driveway Last
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There is no better way of keeping your driveway or pathway in the best shape or condition than opting for the best material in the market. The design of your driveway should also stand out and meet all your expectations. There are many driveways designs to opt for in the market, and you should be quite considerate when choosing the best kind of paving that suits your needs.

Resin driveways have become the in-thing among many people worldwide. The number of people opting for these kinds of driveways has surged over the years despite resin driveway being a new paving design in the construction sector. With exceptional innovations taking place in the market these days, many homeowners have put resin bound driveways at the top of their paving list.

Many homeowners have been shunning resin paving because it is a bit expensive than other kinds of driveways in the market. However, with the many benefits associated with resin bound driveway, you should not have second thoughts opting for this kind of paving. All in all, many people are attracted to the resin bound driveway because of its durability.

‘How long does a resin bound driveway last?” is a common issue of debate that you will come across in many forums. Resin bound paving is made up of a mixture of resin and aggregate stones. It is a scalable and flexible surfacing option that you will undoubtedly fall in love with. Many people opt for resin paving because it is permeable and resistant to cracking among many other characteristics.

Why Opt For Resin Bound Driveway

When looking for the best driveway design to invest in, you need to conduct meticulous research and consult wisely. There is a lot of information at your disposal about driveways that you can rely on and get a profound understanding of what paving is all about. In addition, it is also wise to learn from other homeowners or real estate investors who have embraced paving in their construction projects.

There are a number of reasons as to why you should opt for resin bound drives. Basically, these are the key factors that make resin drives stand out, and are the best driveway solution for many construction companies and construction investors. These reasons include;

  • Versatility

You can use resin bound aggregates in many construction projects that you have in mind. Your budget or scope should not restrict you going outside the box. You can use resin in permeable paving, driveways, resin patios and car parks.

Resin bound paving is also a great paving design option for estate roads, swimming pool surroundings, as well as in landscape designs among other purposes. You can also use resin stones to create wording in a building, make slogans, emblems, and numbers as well as for inlay logos.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Resin bound gravel is extremely beautiful and decorative if properly installed. It can play extremely well in varied textures and colours, as well as generate attractive and seamless surfaces. And if you want to get a bit more flexible with your design, you can go on and come up with exclusive driveway patterns and shapes.

If you want to incorporate emblem, slogans or numbers in your drive design, you can do so comfortably and hassle-free. You can also make the drive foot friendly as you want and increase the value of your property in the process.

  • Easy And Quick Installation

Installation of resin bound paving is an easy and quick procedure to undertake. Completion of the project will depend on the many activities your construction team want to be undertaken in a single day. The construction team should also understand every bit of the construction procedure.

  • Affordable

Investing in driveways is not a simple undertaking and you should plan this project in advance. Fortunately, with a well-executed budget, you can succeed in your project. Resin driveway installation is not an expensive project and it is affordable if you understand every procedure to be undertaken.

What to Know About Durability of Resin Bound Driveway

resin bound driveway

There are many reasons as to why you should opt for resin bound paving. Whether you are attracted to resin paving affordability, versatility, ease of installation or its aesthetic value, you will undoubtedly fall in love with this kind of driveway.

How long does resin bound paving last is a common facet that attracts many homeowners or real estate developers to resin driveway installation. No one wants to install a pathway or paving that will not last long and will make the entire project so demanding and costly. Resin bound paving has become the in-thing among many installers and it is a great surface solution in many parts of the world.

The long-lasting feature of resin bound drives can be attributed to the exceptional procedure of mixing up naturally sourced stones and durable resin. The natural stones and resin should be mixed together in the most suitable manner.

Then the mixture can be poured and trowelled onto the pathways or drives to create a strong, smooth and long-lasting finish. In essence, resin bound paving can last for more than 20 years and it is definitely the best paving solution to opt for in the ever-changing construction sector.

It is not easy to determine how long resin bound paving can last if you have never invested in such driveways before or had a chance to use a pathway made up of resin and natural stone. There are a number of factors to consider that make resin bound driveways one of the long-lasting paving designs in the market. Have a look;

  • Use Of The Right Type Of Resin

Resin bound paving is known to last long because many installers and contractors use the right type of resin. There are different types of resin available in the market and you should choose the right resin if you want your paving to last longer. For your paving to last longer, you have to consider whether to go for a darker stone for a darker finish that is also not easily damaged by Ultra Violet (UV) from the sun.

If you are into lighter coloured paving stone and want a lighter resin finish that is aesthetically attractive, go for the resin that offers UV protection and your drive will last longer. Significantly, if your driveway is protected from UV sun rays, rest assured that you will use your pathway for many years without any worries.

  • Consider the size of the stone and drainage

If you opt for resin bound paving, for your driveway to last longer, you need to consider the size of the stone to use. It is also wise to put the drainage system of your property into consideration. The size of the stone aggregate used will greatly impact the surface water drainage on resin bound paving. It is advisable to go for ideal drainage of about 6mm to 10mm aggregate.

The aggregate you opt for should not cause any drainage issues and your driveway will last longer as anticipated. The material used in the pathways should overcome heavy and harsh climatic conditions thanks to resin surface incomparable permeability.

  • Proper maintenance is imperative

For your driveway to stand the test of time and serve you for as many years as anticipated, proper maintenance is imperative. With proper aftercare and maintenance program, you can use your drives or pathways for many years without any worries or impediments.

resin driveways

Maintenance of resin bound pathways are easy to overlook. Regular cleaning of a resin driveway is a major factor that will make this project a success and last longer. Because your resin pathway will transform the look of your home or property, you should keep it in tip-top condition and increase its longevity. This is possible through hosing it down and regularly sweeping the drive to remove debris.

Through regular resin bound driveway cleaning, you will help the surface to maintain its porosity and get rid of any unwanted debris that may damage the surface. Resin bound paving is not that demanding. Resin driveways require low-cost maintenance and they will still last for many decades.

Resin surfaces don’t support weed growth and you can easily brush away any pesky plants and keep the surface clean. This means that you will be able to get rid of different types of weeds known to attack driveways. To take proper care of your resin bound pathways, there are a number of things to keep in mind;

  1. You need to shun the use of chemical cleaners on your new resin driveway. These chemical solutions can be harmful to your resin drives, and so it is wise to avoid them than end up causing more harm to the resin surfaces.
  2. You need to use an easy cleaning process to keep your resin driveway surface flawless. The water you use should be soapy and you have to do gentle washes as the main resin material is stain resistant.
  3. You need to shun oil spills on your resin paving. Resin bound driveways may be stain resistant, but oils can cause unexpected harm to the surface.
  4. Use salt and grit on the resin surface to deal with snow and ice impurities.
  • Get the best resin installer

You might have the best driveway installation material but fail completely when it comes to expertise and manpower. At all times, you have to use the help of a reputed, well-trained and licensed resin bound installers. Because you want a driveway that looks amazing, you should also go for an expert who will guarantee resin bound paving prolonged existence.

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You have to consult wisely, research extensively and seek recommendations on the best driveway contractor or installer for your project and you will rest assured of a long lasting project.

Final Thoughts

If you are still wondering, how long should resin bound driveway last, have no second thoughts anymore. Resin bound paving can last 10 to 20 years or more depending on how properly maintained the surface is, how well the installation project was executed and the kind of expertise embraced in the project.

It is advisable if you are thinking of installing resin driveways, you opt for professional assistance and advice all the time. Creative Paving is more than willing to satisfy your needs and guide you invest in resin bound driveways hassle free. Get in touch today and learn more.

How Long Does a Resin Bound Last

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